Gaucher Disease

So don’t ever let people discount why research into rare disorders is so important - Ellen Sidransky MD

Gaucher Disease

image by: Eiichi Ohmura

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Parkinsons Gaucher story by Ellen Sidransky M.D.

As a physician and a scientist, I study a rare disorder, Gaucher disease. I have been motivated to continue to study Gaucher disease for the past 25 years because I feel that our understanding of basic aspects of this disorder are still lacking, and that my patients with Gaucher disease, whom I have grown to know and love, will benefit from these discoveries.

Unexpected Association – However during the past 10 years, a discovery made in the Gaucher clinic has shown that studying a rare disorder can also have far broader implications. We noted that a few of our patients with Gaucher disease developed symptoms of Parkinson disease. This was a relatively rare occurrence,…

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