Hirschsprung Disease

Ultimately, HD is trial and error and the mantra we now live by is to take one day at a time - Joanna Scott

Hirschsprung Disease

image by: Hirschsprung's Community

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Dear Malachi…


Dear Malachi,

Every morning that I awake I stare at your perfect little face. Peaceful and happy in a deep slumber, I am reminded of our journey thus far. The many ups and downs, the tears and belly laughs, the frustration and love. I know without a doubt that you have been my greatest teacher. When you were born I stood next to your crib in the NICU, all 10.5 pounds of you (which by the way you looked utterly ridiculous next to all the preemies) and felt completely helpless.

Terrified, weak, and unsure of the future, I could barely control my emotions. The doctor stopped making eye contact with me in case it triggered another sobbing episode. I was not sure…

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