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We Looked Into the Real Benefits of Acupuncture

In 1991, on a trail high in the Austrian-Italian Alps, two hikers stumbled onto a man’s 5,000-year-old corpse. Now known as “Ötzi” the Iceman, the corpse bore more than a dozen clusters of skin tattoos.

Experts first assumed the tattoos were ornamental. But researchers have since noted that many of Ötzi’s inkings are located in places along his back and spine that correspond with traditional Chinese acupuncture points—points targeted for the treatment of digestive disorders. An analysis of Ötzi’s gut turned up the remnants of parasitic worms, and Ötzi’s pack contained a fruit known to help treat GI problems.

Experts broadly agree that acupuncture has been around since at least…

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 We Looked Into the Real Benefits of Acupuncture

The deal with acupuncture's effect on pain, fertility, depression, and everything else people use it for.

5 Scientists Weigh in on Acupuncture

Despite its popularity, opinions on acupuncture are divided.

6 Science-Based Benefits Of Acupuncture

Research shows acupuncture therapy can be an effective alternative treatment for everything from headaches to obesity.

7 Acupuncture Side Effects That You Should Know About

While most people notice a marked improvement in their symptoms following acupuncture, some feel worse before they start feeling better. In natural medicine circles, this is sometimes referred to as a healing crisis. is the leading resource for everything to do with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Asian Medicine.

Acupuncture Today

Acupuncture Today is a monthly newspaper delivered to members of the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession.

Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture Works offers services that address all levels of health. They include traditional Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, nutritional counseling, Chinese herbal medicine, needle-free acupuncture, moxabustion, electroacupuncture, massage (tuina and shiatsu), and lifestyle guidance.

Acupuncture is a safe and very effective natural, alternative therapy that is used to heal illnesses, prevent disease and improve well being. Best known as a common method to relieve painful conditions such as neck pain, Low back pain, hip pain, migraines, TMJ pain and management of sports injuries.

New, articles, and research about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. is your premier resource for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine providing introductory information for beginners and professional resources for students and practitioners.

Acupuncturists Without Borders

Acupuncturists Without Borders was formed in September 2005 in the immediate aftermath of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. From October of 2005 to November 2006 AWB provided free community acupuncture treatments to survivors of the hurricanes in Louisiana, including evacuees, residents, first responders, emergency personnel, volunteers and other care providers.

Nuture Acupuncture

We are specialists that can help you achieve your dream of parenthood, whether you are seeking conception naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization or intra uterine insemination.

TCM Health Center

Our mission is to provide the best treatment from the most highly-trained practitioners to meet the needs of the patient. is dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of acupuncture while simultaneously helping to support the licensed acupuncturist.

World Acupuncture

The limited awareness and understanding of the scope, power and flexibility of 'Traditional Acupuncture' both within and without the profession is the greatest challenge we face today.

Yin Yang House

The Yin Yang House website is an extension of our chattanooga acupuncture and wellness center and is offered to increase the sharing and exploration of information regarding Eastern Medicine and other complementary and alternative medicine approaches with people from around the world.

Our goals are to help you - the health care consumer, the person who is ill, the person attempting to maintain your health, the physician or allied health professional, to become more familiar with the systems of medicine and healing that come to us from the East. is a little bit of everything of interest to a TCM practitioner. There are the hundreds of case studies that have come our way, some stray bits from books that I've worked on, some teaching notes, and two continuing education courses available.

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