Before you hop on the adaptogen bandwagon, get acquainted with the little we know about them—and the very much that we don't - Melinda Wenner Moyer


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Adaptogens, the mysterious herbs that supposedly alleviate your stress, explained

Recently, while talking to the New York Times, a marijuana company called CBD the “Bitcoin” of the wellness world. But here is a counterproposal: Adaptogens are actually the cryptocurrency of the wellness world.

Sure, CBD is a bizarrely opaque “miracle” treatment, but many people have some idea what it is, or at least know that it’s a derivative of cannabis. Adaptogens are just as mysterious as CBD or the cryptocurrency Ethereum, and the high-minded promises driving their sales are similarly wild and overreaching. Heck, adaptogen names even sound like crypto names: eleuthero, schisandra, rhodiola.

Broadly speaking, adaptogens are a class of herbal and plant ingredients…

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