Coca Leaf

This is a coca leaf. This is not cocaine. This represents the culture of indigenous people of the Andean region - Evo Morales

Coca Leaf

image by: Igers Perú

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Coca: The Sacred Leaf

An intro to a seemingly simple leaf that symbolizes the complexities of traditional Andean culture as well as modern politics in a region that is highly spiritual yet rife with violent history. Having spent some time in Southern Peru and Bolivia in rural communities, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about the leaf and how it symbolizes their rich and dynamic world-vision. As we left the crashing waves of the coast and the rolling sand dunes of the desert, I wanted to introduce the coca leaf to the group, knowing that it would be such an important part of any experience in the high Andes.

Before arriving to Cusco, we made camp at a totally exposed site next to a couple alpine lakes…

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