St. John's wort

Most-used antidepressant in the history of humanity and truly a healer of both the body and the mind - Jonathan Zuess

St. John's wort

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St John’s Wort – The Perfect Antidepressant, If You’re German

The herb St John’s Wort is as effective as antidepressants while having milder side effects, according to a recent Cochrane review, St John’s wort for major depression.

Professor Edzard Ernst, a well-known enemy of complementary and alternative medicine, wrote a favorable review of this study in which he comments that given the questions around the safety and effectiveness of antidepressants, it is a mystery why St John’s Wort is not used more widely. When Edzard Ernst says a herb works, you should take notice. But is St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) really the perfect antidepressant? Curiously, it seems to depend whether you’re German or not.

The Cochrane review included…

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Last Updated : Friday, June 19, 2020