Breast Implants & Women's Health

Boob jobs have been ubiquitous in American popular culture since the 1980s, when laws changed to allow plastic surgeons to advertise and credit cards became widely available. But safety concerns have dogged the procedure - Amanda Mull

Breast Implants & Women's Health

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What New FDA Guidelines for Breast Implants Mean For You

Recently, the FDA took some new steps to improve and strengthen the information guidelines about implants and short- and long-term consequences.

It's hard to know how women want to receive information about the risks of breast implants. They believe that they know the benefits, at least for the persons they believe themselves to be right now. They can't really assess the benefits to the woman they will be at, let's say, 60. However, the assessment of benefits is a completely personal process and will be different from woman to woman. And this includes trans women making the decision to have breast implants.

The risks are harder to communicate. Language is often very medical,…

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