Tummy Tuck

I do not try to sell this procedure as simple or easy. It is an operation that has great power to produce dramatic changes that patients absolutely love - Dr. Antonio Gayoso

Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck

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Amy's Abdominoplasty Blog

I'm a wife and working mom who had a tummy tuck. Just as so many bloggers helped me, I hope I can help someone else!

Mommy Tummy Tuck's Blog

A mom of two blogging one month before her surgery in the hopes of helping others and walk the journey with me.

The Tell-All Tummy Tuck Post

Where to begin? I've lost over 90 pounds and I've had two babies. That didn't bode well for my belly.

The Tummy Tuck Tales

Thirty-ish Mom of four decides to take the plunge and get a much needed and well deserved abdominoplasty.

Tummy Tuck Blogger

This Mama's getting her body BACK!


Peruse TummyTuckGuide.com to learn the basics about tummy tucks. You'll find a description of surgical techniques and the recovery time required after the operation as well as the approximate cost of a tummy tuck based on your unique situation.

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