Gum Disease

It's easier to remove plaque from your teeth than your arteries - Lt General Vimal Arora

Gum Disease

image by: Periodontal Associates of Jackson

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Are your gums out to get you?

It seems that the root of all evil stems from the mouth; more specifically, the gumOver the years, periodontal disease has been linked to every thing from impotence, to heart disease, to cancer. And now, far fetched as it may sound, gum disease may be linked to failed orthopedic implants. Yes, you read right – the implants used to rebuild your granny’s hip.

While you may be thinking: “Who on God’s green Earth decided to examine whether or not a person’s infected artificial knee was caused by their teeth?” – and you’d have a point – there’s actually a serious case to be made.

According to a study conducted by scientists at the University of Arkansas and the University of Missouri-Kansas…

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