For there was never yet philosopher that could endure the toothache patiently- William Shakespeare


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Toothache Pain: When Does It Become Something to Worry About?

Toothaches are awful, aren’t they?

In fact, they are really high up there on the “pain scale” — at least in my mind (and the minds of many patients that I see). I mean, think about it — they are painful enough to drive someone to go see a professional who will drill (drill!) into said teeth (amongst other things). So yes, toothaches hurt...

Before we get started, let me come right out and tell you that no, a normal, classic toothache cannot kill you. Yes, the pain might seem like it can and the underlying issues that caused the toothache could possibly be fatal if left untreated. And, to pile on, some rather nasty afflictions list jaw and…

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Last Updated : Monday, February 27, 2017