The smartphone revolution is under-hyped, more people have access to phones than access to running water. We've never had anything like this before since the beginning of the planet - Marc Andreessen


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The past decade has seen many tech innovations when it comes to dining out, but no truly life-altering advancements—until now. Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way diners interact with restaurants, for better and worse. While new apps are expanding, accelerating and streamlining the dining experience, the ubiquity of smartphones can eclipse some of the very reasons we eat out: relaxation, discovery, camaraderie and a fleeting escape from our machine-driven lives.

In certain respects, mobile devices are also tipping the balance of power from restaurants to consumers—from "Take it or leave it" to "Do what we want, or 1,232 friends will hear about it right now." To be sure, before long, smartphones will do everything short of plucking a mint at the coat check.

With mobile technology you can search endless options, cross-referenced every which way. All of the larger dining sites—Zagat, Yelp, Urbanspoon and Citysearch among them—have taken the mobile leap. As a result, dining decisions can be increasingly spontaneous, impulsive, collaborative and easy to change at the last minute...

Source: Bryan Miller, How Mobile Technology Is Changing the Way We Dine Out, The Wall Street Journal, October 25, 2013.

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