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Are You Eating Too Much Soy?

Between tofu and tempeh, miso and soy milk, and the ever-popular edamame, there’s certainly no shortage of soy on the shelves of your local food store. Long touted by health-minded folks as a better-for-you, eco-friendly alternative to meat, soy is a favorite among followers of increasingly mainstream plant-based diets. Yet, do a quick Google search for “soy” and some of the first results include headlines like, “The Dangers of Soy” and “Is Soy Bad for You?”

So what’s the deal? Here’s what you should know about the pros and cons of eating soy.

The Benefits of Swapping Hot Dogs for Soy

One of the biggest benefits of eating soy is that it can…

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 Are You Eating Too Much Soy?

So should you give up soy for good? Not necessarily. Eating some soy can be a healthy way to cut back on meat while still making sure you’re eating enough protein. But too much of a good thing has the potential to take its toll on your hormones and your health. “For healthy adults, I think about soy the way I think about things like sugar, alcohol and caffeine,” says Patisaul. “Moderation is key.”


QUALISOY is a collaborative effort among the soybean industry to help market the development and availability of healthier soybeans and soy oil, reduce environmental impacts of livestock production through improved soybean meal, and improve the global competitiveness of the U.S. soybean industry.

Soy Info

Soy Info Online!is dedicated to providing you, the consumer, with accurate, verifiable and scientific information about soy products and related protein issues.

Soyfoods Association of North America

Soy Is the Earth’s Best Protein to Feed the Planet Soybean production has proven to be a more favorable and environmentally sustainable source of protein because of the high protein quality and nutritional value of soybeans and the efficient use of land, water, and energy of soybean production. Soy-based foods deliver the highest protein density for human consumption per amount of fossil energy inputs.

American Soybean Association

The American Soybean Association (ASA) is a membership-driven, grassroots policy organization that represents U.S. soybean farmers.

European Natural Soyfood Association

Since 2003, ENSA brings together companies of all sizes involved in the production of natural soyfoods.

The Soyfoods Council

This site includes all the information from, including health and nutrition, foodservice and product information.

United Soybean Board

The United Soybean Board (USB) and the American Soybean Association (ASA) are two different organizations with one focus: the success of U.S. soybean farmers. Both groups serve this purpose in different ways. Whereas USB administers soybean checkoff activities focusing on research and market development and expansion, ASA focuses on state and national policy issues, which, by law, the checkoff can’t.


BOCA Burger was born when a Boca Raton chef felt he could make a great veggie burger his way. It became such a hit that he had to set up shop in a warehouse next to his restaurant – his small kitchen simply couldn't keep up with demand. Sure it wasn't the showiest of beginnings, but what mattered most was that he remained true to his idea and standards. We've never lost sight of that way of thinking. Made with the nutritious goodness of soy,


The Dream™ brand is part of The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. – the country’s largest and most respected natural and organic foods company.


Always striving to meet the changing needs of consumers, Nasoya is committed to providing delicious, premium vegetarian foods to consumers for over 30 years.


Physicians Laboratories, makers of non-prescription Revival Soy, is here to serve you with good nutrition, education and medical research. We are the company that finally made soy taste good!


Silk was launched in 1996 and has become North America's best-selling soymilk brand. Since we were founded, we''ve been dedicated to promoting the healthy benefits of natural soyfoods to as many people as possible, while doing business in a way that supports our communities and our planet

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