Dog Bites

The myth: Aggressive dogs bite. The truth: Dogs bite - Julie Hecht

Dog Bites

image by: Ryegate Small Animal Hospital

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Can Dog Bite Prevention Actually Prevent Dog Bites?

Wear your seat belt. Glop on sunscreen. Maybe you do these things even though you remember the “good ol’ days” when seat belts were optional, even though you dislike the feel of sunscreen (like yours truly), and even though there aren't any immediate, tangible benefits.

But you're trying to be responsible. When you wear a seatbelt or apply sunscreen, you could, ostensibly, add a check to the columns, ‘Working to Decrease Chance of Auto-Related Death or Injury,’ and ‘Working to Decrease Chance of Skin Cancer.’ While there are no guarantees, these and other risks are identifiable, and over time we've developed strategies to ward against them.

‘Avoiding Being Bitten By a Dog’…

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