Mercury Exposure

A treaty that fails to include mandatory mercury reductions overall will dishonor the victims of Minamata disease and accelerate mercury poisoning across the globe - Robert F Kennedy Jr

Mercury Exposure

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Climate Change Worsens Mercury Pollution

We can't escape it...mercury contamination is just about everywhere...

A summary of recent research shows climate change will increase our exposure to mercury, a toxic heavy metal that threatens fetal growth and development and targets the brains of children. Pregnant women hear a lot about mercury from their obstetricians, who emphasize the need to limit tuna consumption during pregnancy. New moms hear a lot about mercury from their pediatricians, who warn against feeding too much tuna to their toddlers. So moms know that tuna can threaten the health of fetuses, babies, and children.

What many moms don’t know is that most mercury in fish comes from coal fired power…

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Last Updated : Monday, September 14, 2020