Non Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPTs)

There are no dangers to the mother or the fetus from these screening tests, but positive screening results are not diagnostic - Andrea Greiner MD

Non Invasive Prenatal Tests (NIPTs)

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To NIPT or Not to NIPT? That Is the Question

There are many conversations had between an expectant mother and her prenatal care provider — for the most part, these are positive in nature and revolve around ensuring the health of both the patient and her unborn child. However, for every positive conversation, there is one a bit heavier in subject matter, one often discussed and debated amongst the medical community, between a woman and her partner, and doctor to patient — the screening and diagnosis of fetal genetic disorders and which course of action be followed.

All parents want the best reassurance for their pregnancy and to protect their unborn to their greatest capability. What is imperative is that a woman understands…

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