We are an industry of high-fives and hugs and sharing equipment. ... If this is a year of not touching other people, the fitness industry is in trouble - Katie Gould


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How COVID-19 Is Transforming The Fitness Industry

It’s been well established that, beyond its benefit to our physical health, exercise is also good for stress management and cognitive function. However, many people have struggled to make time, especially when having to factor in a work commute and professional, family, or social obligations. The cost of gym or studio memberships has also been a common barrier to exercise.

However, when the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic hit and at-home workouts suddenly became the norm, many who still wanted that group class experience turned to virtual wellness in the form of streaming live and pre-recorded classes.

I spoke with Amaya Weddle, who is the Vice President of Research and Product…

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Last Updated : Monday, September 7, 2020