Antibodies are, in many ways, the heartthrobs of the immune system - Katherine J. Wu


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10 Things to Know About Antibodies

While antibodies come in a few shapes and sizes, the most familiar of these are the Y-shaped proteins known as IgG antibodies (immunoglobulin G). The two upper arms of the Y have identical binding sites at their respective tips, and these sites are optimized to latch on to a specific foreign protein. The binding sites are also called the variable domains, because different antibodies have different tips to effectively target different threats. In the context of immunity, foreign proteins are collectively known as antigens.

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  10 Things to Know About Antibodies

These immune proteins help us to fight off viruses and bacteria, and antibody-based medicines can be useful in treating infections and other diseases. Amgen has deep expertise in immunology and antibody design. Here’s an overview of the underlying biology and science.

Human Antibodies

Human Antibodies is an international journal designed to bring together all aspects of human hybridomas and antibody technology, along with factors that modulate host antibody repertoire and effectiveness, such as vaccines, infectious agents, and microbiome. supplies high-quality research tools to life scientists at cost-effective prices.

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