It truly is a wonder drug. There’s aspirin. That was the first miracle drug. Then statins – the cholesterol drugs – that’s the second one. And then, it’s IVIg - Donald Branch PhD


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The wonder drug you’ve probably never heard of – yet

The first thing you notice when you walk into Dr. Don Branch’s office at 67 College Street in Toronto is how small it seems. And colourful, owing to an impressive collection of memorabilia that suggests a full and perhaps eclectic life: show posters, photos of his family and small items such as those one would get from a student or colleague sharing an inside joke. Copious as they are, the richness-of-life souvenirs are nearly crowded out by shelves and stacks of books and what appear to be research papers, some in folders, most not. The stacks disappear into the shadows of Branch’s sparsely lit room.

It’s almost as mysterious and as awe-inspiring as IVIg, or intravenous immunoglobulin,…

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