Typically, the immune system only functions to protect you, but it is import to know that in certain cases, it can be a detriment - Gabe Buckley


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Immunity In Depth

Innate immunity is the first line of defense against foreign substances and pathogenic microorganisms. It is an immediate, nonspecific defense that does not involve immunologic memory of pathogens. Because of the lack of specificity, the actions of the innate immune system can result in damage to the body’s tissues...

The innate immune system is comprised of various anatomical barriers to infection, including physical barriers (e.g., the skin), chemical barriers (e.g., acidity of stomach secretions), and biological barriers (e.g., normal microflora of the gastrointestinal tract). In addition to anatomical barriers, the innate immune system is comprised of soluble factors and phagocytic…

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 Immunity In Depth

Innate immunity is the first line of defense against foreign substances and pathogenic microorganisms. Adaptive immunity (also called acquired immunity), a second line of defense against pathogens, takes several days or weeks to fully develop. However, adaptive immunity is much more complex than innate immunity because it involves antigen-specific responses and immunologic "memory."


Immunity publishes papers that report the most important advances in immunology research. The range of subjects includes, but is not limited to, immune cell development and senescence, signal transduction, gene regulation, innate and adaptive immunity, autoimmunity, infectious disease, allergy and asthma, transplantation, and tumor immunology.

Immunity & Ageing

Immunity & Ageing provides a specific conduit for dissemination of new knowledge in this increasingly important arena.

Immunity, Inflammation and Disease

Immunity, Inflammation and Disease is a peer-reviewed, open access journal providing rapid publication of research in immunology and allied fields. Immunity, Inflammation and Disease gives rapid consideration to papers in all areas of clinical and basic research.

Infection and Immunity

Infection and Immunity® publishes research related to infections caused by pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and parasites; molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity; interactions of virulence factors with host cells; innate and adaptive immunity to infection; development of vaccines against nonviral pathogens; and genomes of pathogenic bacteria. IAI also welcomes studies on the interaction of microbial communities with their host.

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