Lymphatic Drainage Massage

We all like to scoff at the wellness industry, with its crystals, potions and lotions, but for those suffering from conditions the medical establishment does not yet understand, it can seem like the only option available - Imogen West-Knights

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Massage

image by: Lymphatic Therapy Lounge

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Dry Brushing, Body Scraping, Gua Sha: Lymphatic Health Is All the Rage

All of these trendy techniques center on the same concept: promoting the circulation of a colorless, watery fluid called lymph, which ferries white blood cells to and from the body’s organs and transports waste from cells and tissues to the lymph nodes, where it is filtered and fed back into the bloodstream. The sweeping movement of dry brushing — in which you’re supposed to whisk a stiff-bristled brush in small circles all over your body — and the pulses of a vibrating facial massager are supposed to gently knead out any potential blockages in lymphatic flow. Gua sha, in which you scrape a stone or metal tool along the contours of your face; body scraping, which is a full-body version of…

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 Dry Brushing, Body Scraping, Gua Sha: Lymphatic Health Is All the Rage

These wellness practices — which center on one invisible network of vessels and nodes — have soared in popularity in recent years. Should you try them? 55

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