Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Hammers and surfboards may be OK to buy over the Internet, but medications require extra caution - Bruce Y. Lee

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

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Why erectile dysfunction meds can have serious side effects

... a man in New York City now permanently sees red after overdosing on erectile dysfunction medication. Yes, you heard that one right. Doctors published the 31-year-old man’s ordeal in a case report in Retinal Cases... Apparently, he had purchased sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, over the internet and then drank the stuff straight from the bottle. The world has looked red-tinted to him for over a year now. When doctors scanned his eyes, they found the medication had damaged the outer retina and cone cells in his eyes, messing with his color vision.

The color altering effect was not entirely surprising as these drugs, rarely, are known to affect the cells and tissues…

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