Glycogen Storage Diseases

One of the first things I read about GSD is that it is an autosomal recessive hereditary disease. What is that? – I wondered – I thought I could not understand it because I was a baby but then I realized that adults had no idea either - Nina Contreras D’Agosto

Glycogen Storage Diseases

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The Truth About Glycogen Storage Disease In Less Than 9 Minutes

Metabolism is a biological process that breaks down the food we eat and provides energy to keep us alive. In some cases, different key stakeholders in this process fail to fulfill their duty.

There is a spectrum of conditions that fall under the umbrella of Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD), which cause such trouble. Since it did not have any popular awareness challenge go viral (bring back the ice buckets!) and fortunately is a rare condition, it hasn’t had too much light thrown on it.

According to the reports, the incidence rates appear to be 1 in 100,000. As the symptoms set out at an early age, Glycogen Storage Disease appears to affect the little ones more than the adults.

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