Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has become one of the most talked-about health supplements in modern medicine - J Wallin

Vitamin B12

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What’s the Deal With Vitamin B12?

Each morning, I take a gummy multivitamin for two reasons: (1) I want to live forever, and (2) they taste delicious (so much so, in fact, that I have to stop myself from snacking on them). But lately, I’ve heard from a number of my vegan and vegetarian friends that, instead of joining me in my sweet, sweet supplementation, they actually take individual vitamin B12 supplements every morning. I’m not sure what exactly B12 is or why it’s so important to ingest every day, so I checked in with two experts to find out.

So, what even is it? Well, the first hint is in the name: Vitamin B12 is, in fact, a vitamin. That means it’s essential for us to live, according to registered…

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 What’s the Deal With Vitamin B12?

An important thing to note is that vitamin B12 is something that we don’t make ourselves; instead, we need to get it through our diets or supplementation. On top of that, it’s also a water-soluble vitamin, which means we need to replenish it every single day, since it doesn’t get stored in our bodies like fat-soluble vitamins.

10 Surprising Ways Vitamin B12 Benefits Your Entire Body

One of the most notable vitamin B12 benefits is a boost in energy. So if you’re feeling sluggish and you’re not sure why, a lack of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) may be to blame.

B12 Awareness

B12 Awareness is bringing vitamin B12 deficiency to the forefront by educating the public and health care community to the dangers of B12 deficiency. An estimated 15% to 25% of older adults have a B12 deficiency, but many of them are never tested or diagnosed.

Linus Pauling Institute

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin plays essential roles in folate metabolism and in the synthesis of the citric acid cycle intermediate, succinyl-CoA. (More information) Vitamin B12 deficiency is commonly associated with chronic stomach inflammation, which may contribute to an autoimmune vitamin B12 malabsorption syndrome called pernicious anemia and to a food-bound vitamin B12 malabsorption syndrome. Impairment of vitamin B12 absorption can cause megaloblastic anemia and neurologic disorders in deficient subjects.

The Nutrition Source

Vitamin B12, or cobalamin, is naturally found in animal foods. It can also be added to foods or supplements. Vitamin B12 is needed to form red blood cells and DNA. It is also a key player in the function and development of brain and nerve cells.

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