Health Records

Health care is becoming more digitized and consumer oriented. It’s not an overnight change, but more like how summer turns into fall – gradual yet very perceptible - Greg Scott

Health Records

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Your Health Records Don't Belong To You. It's Time You Demand Them!

Despite years of rhetoric, patients have never really been at the center of the health care universe ― at least not since the introduction of electronic health records (EHR). And this has become increasingly obvious in the fight for access and control of patient medical data.

A recent conversation between former Vice President Joe Biden and Epic CEO Judy Faulkner highlights the problem well. After the former VP contended that patients deserve access to their own information, Faulkner asked: “Why do you want your medical records? They’re a thousand pages, of which you understand 10.” To which Biden responded, “None of your business.” He went…

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