Kidney Health

Kidneys are not romanticised like the heart, or held on high like the brain. But these fist-sized organs are integral to our ability to filter waste and excess fluid from our bodies - Eliza Berlage

Kidney Health

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Kidneys are amazing for all they do, be sure to look after yours

Tucked away just below your ribcage near your spine are two bean-shaped organs known as the kidneys. And when they’re quietly getting on with their job, it’s easy to forget they’re there and how important they are. But their absence, or even less-than-optimal performance can have dire consequences.

Kidneys are a feature-packed, highly efficient filtration and waste elimination system as well as the source of some essential hormones and vitamins. When all is said and done, the “factory-fitted” system for all they do beats alternatives for efficiency and convenience. They’re compact, built-in, self-contained, portable and low maintenance.

About 1,500 litres of blood pass through…

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