Kidney Stones

Wretched things. I wouldn’t wish a kidney stone on my worst enemy - Adam Young

Kidney Stones

image by: National Kidney Foundation

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Got Kidney Stones? You're in Good Company

Kidney stones are one of the most common maladies to befall men, but lately women have been catching up. Over the past two decades, the incidence of kidney stones has doubled in both men and women -- more than 10 percent of men and 7 percent of women in the U.S. have had a kidney stone.

Your Diet is Likely the Culprit

In that time, we have learned much about the cause of kidney stones, and diet is the most important factor. What we eat will dictate what will ultimately pass into the urine and the concentration of these various chemicals becomes important in stone formation. A simple way to think about this is to imagine a glass of iced tea. We can add sugar…

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