Weight Loss Supplements

The weight-loss field is strewn with lemons, more so than other areas of medicine - Danielle Ofri MD

Weight Loss Supplements

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Weight Loss Pills And Products Don’t Work And Aren’t Safe

Our ancestors lived in a feast or famine world. When you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, or when it will arrive, the smart play is to pig out every time food is available. Our genes are programmed to extract as much energy as possible from what we eat and to store any extra energy in fat reservoirs, available in reserve for future famines.

These deeply ingrained genetic tendencies worked great in the austere world of our ancestors, but are a disaster in our current world of refrigerators, ubiquitous fast food joints and milk shakes. Only one third of Americans are now able to maintain a normal weight; one third are overweight; and one third are obese. Excess weight…

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