B12 Injections

While vitamin B12 itself won’t shed the pounds for you, it does help the way your body absorbs and utilizes nutrients. Instead of turning these nutrients into fat, B12 helps turn them into energy - Emily Crichton

B12 Injections

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Vitamin B12 Injections: Do They Really Boost Weight Loss?

...These days, some experts claim that getting a shot of the naturally occurring vitamin B12 a few times a month will help the body melt away excess fat.

But like any weight loss promise besides those achieved through good, old-fashioned diet and exercise, one needs to take these claims with a grain, or two, of salt.

B12 is just one of dozens of fad injectables that are said to help melt away fat. A few years ago, the controversial HCG diet — which relied on hormone-heavy human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections — claimed to spur weight loss by allowing dieters to stay full on just 500 calories a day. But a long list of risks and side effects soon put the HCG diet…

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