Garcinia Cambogia

If a pill solution to overweight were easy, we would already have it. There is no low hanging fruit, no easy answer - Allen Frances

Garcinia Cambogia
Garcinia Cambogia

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A Miracle Supplement? Concerns and Side Effects of Garcinia Cambogia

Every so often the curiosity bug bites me and I venture into the abyss of my email “junk” folder to see if anything important has been improperly filed. More often than not, this activity is simply an exercise in killing time. But, on some days my eye catches something unique that I’m compelled to explore. This week, after what appears to be a very concerted effort by the folks at Miracle Garcinia Cambogia to get me interested in their weight loss miracle,

I decided to click through to learn more about this supposed wonder pill. What I found wasn’t really that unexpected: scripted testimonials and pseudoscience claiming that garcinia combogia is the latest and greatest weight loss…

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 A Miracle Supplement? Concerns and Side Effects of Garcinia Cambogia

“Miracle” supplements like garcinia combogia that make extravagant claims like rapid weight loss are nothing more than gimmicks that prey on our insecurities and self-doubt.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

There’s no convincing evidence that garcinia cambogia will help you lose weight or control cholesterol.

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