If you are looking for that magic pill, that magic potion, or that magic diet, you ain't going to find one. Weight management can be very challenging, requiring you and those caring for you to use a system of approaches - Bruce Y. Lee


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Here's What 2 Experts Think About the New FDA-Cleared Weight Loss Pill

As an advocate for healthy lifestyle practices over dieting, we were a little unsure about how healthy this product could be, since most weight-loss pills or devices tend to be problematic, not addressing the basic lifestyle changes (like exercise and cooking and eating more healthy food) that we know actually work.

But we also wanted to keep an open mind. Obesity continues to be a major health problem in the US, and anything that could help solve that deserves considered attention. So we spoke with Harry Leider, MD, the chief medical officer of Gelesis, the company that has invented and is producing Plenity.

Then we spoke with Violeta Popov, MD, PHD, FACG, an expert from…

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