The foot ranks high among the most ill-constructed elements of the modern human musculoskeletal system - Bruce Latimer PhD


image by: Lucky Goyal

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What Makes the Human Foot Unique?

Our feet stand us up. The bones that make up the feet represent a quarter of the human skeleton, and yet, despite comprising such a large percentage of the body, they have largely eluded us in the fossil record until recently. This is frustrating because it's clear that this story — the evolution of the human foot — has captivated us for hundreds of years. It is after all linked to the pivotal development of bipedalism in our history. Understanding differences between our feet and those of other apes (both ancestral and contemporary), can give us clues into the changes that were necessary for bipedalism — and perhaps for bipedalism itself. What has emerged is a story of diversity in locomotion…

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 What Makes the Human Foot Unique?

The story of the human foot is still unfolding. It is unique because it is best suited to our style of bipedal locomotion.

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