Gender Affirming Healthcare

People who undergo sex-reassignment procedures do not become the opposite sex—they merely masculinize or feminize their outward appearance - Ryan T Anderson PhD

Gender Affirming Healthcare

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Regret Isn’t Rare: The Dangerous Lie of Sex Change Surgery’s Success

We have been told sex reassignment surgery is successful. The advocates say that regret is rare, and that 98 percent of surgeries are successful. While that figure might be true for surgical complications, before we accept a narrative of surgical success we should consider the evidence. To evaluate success or failure, we need to go beyond the mechanical skill of the surgeon to examine the emotional and psychological wholeness of the patient afterwards—and not just in the first few months, but in the years to come.

Transgender advocates have worked to create a false narrative, hoodwinking the world into believing that no one ever has regrets from a surgical change of gender. They…

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 Regret Isn’t Rare: The Dangerous Lie of Sex Change Surgery’s Success

Let’s stop enabling the delusion that transition is the only answer. Let’s allow scientific research to flourish, no matter what the results show. Let’s look at the evidence and facts and encourage treatment options that address dangerous psychiatric conditions first. In that way, we can ensure the best outcomes for those who have gender dysphoria.

Very Well

Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) is known by a variety of names, including gender reassignment surgery (GRS), sex change surgery, sex affirmation procedures, and genital reconstruction surgery.

Point of Pride

Point of Pride works to benefit trans people in need through gender-affirming support programs that empower them to live more authentically.

Jim Collins Foundation

The mission of the Jim Collins Foundation is to provide financial assistance to transgender people for gender-affirming surgeries. The Jim Collins Foundation recognizes that not every transgender person needs or wants surgery to achieve a healthy transition. But for those who do, gender-affirming surgeries are an important step in their transition to being their true selves.

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