Transgender Athletes

Contrary to fears expressed by some, there has been no large-scale dominance of transgender athletes in women’s sports - Gillian R. Brassil and Jeré Longman

Transgender Athletes
Transgender Athletes

image by: Campaign for Southern Equality

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Trans Athletes and Fairness

For almost a century now the international sporting community has grappled with the question of determining who gets to compete in the female sports category. Fifty years ago the question was answered with humiliating physical exams, but in more recent decades most international sporting federations have embraced a science focused approach.

The International Olympic Committee, for example, uses testosterone levels considerably above the female range, not gender, as the main determinant of who gets to compete in the women’s elite sport. But last October, World Rugby made international headlines when it announced a very different approach. The governing body’s new guidelines prohibit…

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 Trans Athletes and Fairness

Be it resolved, safety and fairness preclude participation of trans athletes in high level women's sport.

Ten ethical flaws in the Caster Semenya decision on intersex in sport

This ruling is neither necessary, reasonable nor proportionate. It is simply unjust discrimination.

Hostility to elite trans athletes is having a negative impact on participation in everyday sport

Many of the trans women I’ve interviewed were worried that they possessed the competitive advantage so often cited in the media as the primary reason to exclude trans women from elite sport, only to find that it didn’t exist for them.

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