Lap Bands

The most common operation with the band now is an operation to remove it - Dr. Oliver Varban

Lap Bands
Lap Bands

image by: Desert Surgical & Bariatric Specialists

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The lap band for weight loss is a tale of medicine gone wrong

In 2008, at only 17 years old, Lindsay Green decided the only way she’d get her weight down was through surgery.

At the time, Green was 6 feet tall and 215 pounds — “overweight,” by medical standards, but not “obese.” Still, she heard about the laparoscopic gastric band operation, one of several common weight loss surgeries, on the radio in Phoenix, Arizona, and was intrigued. “I was a young person and pretty susceptible,” she said. “All I wanted was to lose weight.”

After the $16,000 operation, her weight slowly dropped to a “normal” BMI of about 180 pounds. But she now had an eating disorder to contend with. The band made eating painful; she’d often feel like someone…

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 The lap band for weight loss is a tale of medicine gone wrong

It doesn’t lead to weight loss and often requires more surgery. “I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

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