Plan B

Contraception doesn't define a woman - Nikki Haley

Plan B

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The Morning After: The Truth About Emergency Contraception

One day, I walked home to find magazines strewn about the floor, a box of tissues tipped over, and my roommate conked out in her bed. I could tell bad emotions were afoot, so I grabbed my things and fled until the dust settled. When I returned later that night, I asked her what all that was about and she explained, “Oh, I was reading People when all of a sudden I got so mad that everyone in the magazines was so thin. It made me feel fat, so I started crying. Then I got angry, so I ripped them up, and threw them across the floor. That made me exhausted so I went to sleep. I think maybe the morning-after pill made me a little emotional.”

Will emergency contraception turn you into an…

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