Our breasts make us great but they also make us vulnerable - Lindy West


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Your Breasts Are Not a Ticking Time Bomb

I remember the exact moment I was first hit with breast cancer anxiety. It was about 10 years ago, when I was an assistant health editor at Glamour. Like many medical reporters, I had the bad habit of suddenly imagining I had symptoms of whatever illness I happened to be researching. So one day after interviewing several young women who were battling breast cancer—women barely older than I was—I snuck off to a bathroom stall to frantically check myself for lumps. Breast cancer suddenly seemed so…imminent, and no other illness frightened me the way it did. I didn't have any risk factors or a family history, and a subsequent checkup showed I was fine, but the fear stuck with me. A few years…

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 Your Breasts Are Not a Ticking Time Bomb

The one-in-eight-women-will-get-breast-cancer statistic sounds terrifying, but new research shows that death rates are down, and there are steps all of us can take to lower our risk. Relax: You're healthier than you think.

5 Breast Conditions That Aren’t Cancer

Breast symptoms including lumps, swelling, and nipple discharge are all possible symptoms of breast cancer, but more often they are symptoms of breast conditions that are benign – not cancer.

6 Breast Things That Are Completely Normal—and When You Should Worry

You probably don’t give your breasts much thought every day. But if you notice they look different from a friend’s, you might have questions, including what these "odd" breast things might say about your health. In fact, boob variation is pretty typical from woman to woman. That said, it’s important to know what is and isn’t worth getting checked out.

6 Most Common Causes Of Sore Boobs

Just like with any part of your body, you have to listen and examine what your breasts are trying to tell you. Are both your boobs really sore, more than would be deemed normal, or is just one sore breast causing you more headache than usual? Or are your breasts just getting lumpier and heavier occasionally? Here’s some hidden and some not so hidden meaning behind your sore boobs.

9 Weird Nipple Things That Are Actually Totally Normal

Little hair here, little bump there? Here’s what’s normal when it comes to your nips—and when you should seek out the doctor.

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