My main concern is not only to get the truth out about the severity of adenomyosis, but I wanted women to have a place they could go to vent - Maria Yeager


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Adenomyosis: The Reproductive Disease Women Don't Know They Have

My phone finally rang. It was the call I had been anxiously waiting for: the results of the transvaginal ultrasound I had undergone a few days earlier. “So, hmph, how can I say this?” My primary care doctor sighed and took a pregnant pause. My stomach dropped. This is it, I thought. I am dying. I have cancer.

Initially, I went to see my doctor a few weeks after first experiencing a sharp but fleeting pain in my lower abdomen that later turned into a dull and persistent ache. I ignored it at first—it was probably nothing. Maybe it’s gas or stress. Maybe it’s my birth control being weird. But as the days went on, I started to worry that maybe there was something seriously wrong.


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