When a woman who is experiencing pain to the extent of having a heart attack is said to be exaggerating as being oversensitive based on sexist stereotypes, no wonder why medical research, in the domain of dysmenorrhea, took so long - Nupur Agrawal


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Dysmenorrhea Is Not The Same As Period Cramps, Here’s Why

Attiring herself in a perfectly ironed shirt, combing her hair into a clean bun, putting on a pair of neatly polished leather moccasins and finally wearing a smile which was reflecting her aplomb, she was ready to go to work. Just as she was about to leave, there was a knock, not at her door but in her body and immediately she knew that it was again the time for the crimson waves to arrive. Was it because she stepped out with the wrong foot or because a little kitten crossed her way yesterday, or because she sneezed as soon as she got up in the morning?

An infinite number of illogical myths associated, devoid of any rationale, with this biological process, start crossing her mind.…

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