Menstrual Cups

Let’s change that time of the month from uncomfortable to a lot less uncomfortable (cramps will always be a bitch) - Shreyasi Bose

Menstrual Cups

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Why I Use The Menstrual Cup And Why You Should Too

I am a ‘regular’ Indian woman… strike that… I am an Indian woman who has had a conservative upbringing and had to face all the taboos related to menstruation. I grew up knowing that I can’t talk about periods with the menfolk, couldn’t keep my pads lying around, couldn’t get into religious territory and only ask my mother for the money to buy pads, because well, had to keep my father in the dark. It seemed like it was something only women could talk about, discuss and then just keep in the corner hidden under a cloak or maybe a tablecloth.

Well, to my mother’s dismay, I turned out exactly the opposite of what is deemed appropriate. I suffer from dysmenorrhea and have been diagnosed…

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