I became slightly horrified by how little we as women know about these products, and how little we seem to care - Siobhan Komander


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Natural Tampons Only… Period.

It’s that time of the month…are you taking care of yourself?

Periods. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. They are messy, beautiful, and connect women in a very real way. My period is tough. I struggle with cramps, make constant trips to the restroom, experience mood swings. But now, it seems I’ve been doing damage to my body ever since I was thirteen and used my first tampon. Fast forward ten years –I have since been using that same brand tampon, without knowing any information about its contents, and without thinking anything of it.

Until recently, after reading a couple articles about tampon use gone wrong. It’s quite scary and honestly, it made me a bit angry…

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