Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Despite being so important, the pelvic floor remains a mystery to modern medicine – comparable to the brain – both because of its complexity and some good old-fashioned sexism - Cecilia Marotta

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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The Body Part You’re Probably (But Definitely Shouldn’t Be) Overlooking

When local pelvic-floor yoga therapist Debbie Brownstein first became aware of her own pelvic floor, she was 30 years old.

One year after having her first child, she was grooving to the live sounds of the Disco Biscuits with friends. One of them had brought a mini trampoline to the concert (*makes mental note to go to a concert with Brownstein and her friends*), but when it was Brownstein’s turn to jump, something unexpected happened. “Three jumps in, I peed myself. I was shocked — this had never happened to me before,” she says...

“I was so frustrated,” Brownstein says. “I kept wondering why nobody up to this point of my life had told me what a pelvic floor is or what…

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