If the cardiologist thinks the heart is a wonderful organ, the cardiologist never have heard of the uterus ― Elmar P Sakala


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The Amazing Uterus

Until puberty, you never thought about your uterus. You may not even have known it existed unless you had a great parent or anatomy class. Even if you knew of its existence, you probably still don’t know just how amazing this muscle is – prepare to be blown away.

The first fun fact is that the vagina is actually INSIDE the body. Can you please help educate the future generations of women and explain to them that the labia (the lips) are what is seen… or use the correct term for the entire area, “vulva” – NOT the vagina. Please and Thank You!

The uterus is a complex muscular organ. It supports the bladder, bowel, pelvic bones and other organs. The uterus holds the bladder…

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