It seems more incremental than blockbuster. I don’t think it’s a game changer - Dr. Taison Bell


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Doctors Are Skeptical of Pricey Drug Given Emergency Approval for Covid

In mid-November, an arthritis drug with a tricky name hit a pandemic milestone — then slipped back into relative obscurity.

The drug, baricitinib, was granted an emergency authorization by the Food and Drug Administration to treat a subset of hospitalized Covid-19 patients in combination with another medication, the antiviral remdesivir. It is one of only a handful of treatments to have earned the agency’s green light.

But baricitinib’s reception by the medical community has been lukewarm. It doesn’t work all that well, for one thing, and comes with side effects, such as blood clots. And at a cost of roughly $1,500 per patient, many doctors don’t know when it would make…

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Last Updated : Thursday, January 27, 2022