Life is nothing but mutual infection - Richard Powers, Orfeo


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A day in the life....the Neutropenic life!

So...after living with my own Cyclic Neutropenia for 30 years and caring for my neutropenic children, I've often wondered how our lives may differ from yours. Do they differ?  Initially my answer would have been "no, not really".  However once I gave the thought a little more attention my response became more like "hey, ya know....how would I even know"?? 

This constant state of caution and preventative care has been all I've ever known.  Most folks don't give much thought to live bacteria from our own skin being transferred to a pair of jeans. How often do people truthfully clorox wipe their t.v. remote???  Any given day with Brelan and Mileigh and you're likely to hear "hands away…

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