Aside from the hematocrit, the platelet count tends to be the second most ignored lab value that is displayed on a CBC. This is often the case because most of the time the platelet count is normal or close enough to normal - Darshak Vekaria MD


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How should we manage thrombocytosis in children?

In adults, management of thrombocytosis is based on risk stratification (age over 60; thrombosis history; extreme thrombocytosis; cardiovascular risk factors; JAK2 mutation). Clearly this stratification is not that helpful in children.

As the research on children with thrombocytosis is so scant, we derive our management from the adult guidelines. In adults, those who are low risk are treated with low dose aspirin; other treatments for higher risk patients include hydroxyurea, interferon alpha, busulfan, anagrelide, and targeted therapy for JAK2 inhibitors (Ruxolitinib).

In children, there is no consensus guidelines, but some approaches have been published. The general advice…

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