Vitamin Deficiency Anemia

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Vitamin Deficiency Anemia

image by: The Pernicious Anaemia Society

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Limits of normal

The lower limit of normal for Vitamin B12 has moved from 200 during my residency in the 80’s to a high of 287 in the mid ‘90s and has hovered at a more or less constant 220 ever since.  The lab report always comes with a  caveat: if the level is over 400, replacement rarely benefits the patient, but between 220 and 400, some people will benefit from B12 shots...

In med school and residency, they taught us not to test anyone under 40, and not to test if the blood count (CBC) showed normal looking white cells without extra lobes in their nuclei, and normal, rather than large, red cells. By the time I’d been out of postgraduate training for ten years, I recognized I’d gotten a poor substitute…

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