Toxic Shock Syndrome

Pay close attention, because the signs don't start where you'd think they would. You might just think you're coming down with a stomach bug - Gina M Florio

Toxic Shock Syndrome

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Everything you know about toxic shock syndrome is probably wrong

For a while there in the ‘90s it felt like every teen-girl magazine was required to publish at least one (terrifying) it-happened-to-me toxic shock syndrome story per year. “I left a tampon in for eight hours and almost died.” “My friend looked at a tampon once and died from TSS.” Maybe these tales were leftovers from the TSS epidemic in the late 1970s, or maybe editors tracked down new cases from actual teens. I can only assume that the intent was to make young girls aware of the dangers of toxic shock syndrome. Mission accomplished.

Now, TSS is back in the news because a model—who lost her leg to the disease in 2012—is on an awareness campaign to teach young girls about the dangers…

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