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image by: The penny for your thoughts campaign. A fight for herpes awareness

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Just Diagnosed

It’s tough, lonely, and it feels like your whole world has crashed down on you from one moment to the next. Feeling ashamed is normal when it comes to coping with this. When you’ve spent almost your whole life being told that STDs are THE WORST THING EVER (tm) and that only “whores”, “sluts”, and low-class people get them, it’s tough not to internalize it. And then when you get your own diagnosis, it can feel like you’re suddenly one of those undesirables that no one wants to be with because again, STDs are THE WORST THING EVER (tm). 

The good thing is that none of this is true. Herpes, like every other STD, is just something that is passed through sex and it’s just doing what it’s…

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