Necrotising Fasciitis

With this disease, time is serious - Russell Russo MD, orthopedist

Necrotising Fasciitis

image by: Overcoming Necrotizing Fasciitis; The Flesh-Eating Bacteria

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What To Do If You Are Worried About Flesh-Eating Bacteria

General rule: Anything with "flesh-eating" in its name can be horrific. As the recent unexpected and rapid death of an 8-year-old boy in Oregon demonstrated, flesh-eating disease, otherwise known as necrotizing fasciitis, can quickly maim or even kill even the healthiest of people.

Necrotizing fasciitis means literally being eaten alive by bacteria. If that sounds horrible, it is. As Jason Duaine Hahn described for People, before he succumbed to the flesh-eating disease, Liam Flanagan was a healthy second grader in Pilot Rock, Oregon. After he wiped out on his bike and suffered a gash in his thigh, the doctors in the emergency room were able to close the wound with just seven…

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