Tsetse biology is just freaky. This is an insect that breast-feeds its children - Leslie B. Vosshall


image by: Yale School of Public Health

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New Tool to Fight Deadly Tsetse Fly

After 10 years of effort, a team led by scientists at Yale has finally decoded the genes of the tsetse fly, a bloodsucking scourge of Africa.

With that knowledge, they hope to find new ways to repel or kill the insects, whose bite transmits sleeping sickness, a parasitic disease that, like rabies, drives its victims mad before they lapse into a coma and die. The flies also carry nagana, which weakens or kills cattle and renders whole regions of Africa inhospitable to most livestock.

There are now fewer than 10,000 confirmed cases per year of…

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Last Updated : Monday, August 3, 2020